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Is there a personal credit check needed?

Most qualified businesses will NOT require a personal credit check to qualify. However, if your business does not meet the financial requirements of our underwriting team based on your request, it may be required. If your business is setup as a Sole Proprietorship, then we will require a personal credit check

How long does the credit check take?

We use a number of different finance companies with different underwriting criteria. We can receive the result of your credit check anywhere from under an hour or up to 24 hours after proposing.

What if I get turned down, will it affect future credit ratings?

We perform a ‘soft check’ on your credit and no inquiry shows up. We do NOT do hard pulls.

What can I do if I have bad credit history?

It really depends on how bad your credit history is. However, we use a number of different finance companies (Funders) and we will do everything we can in order to secure a new vehicle for you. Some of our Funders are more pragmatic with their approach to underwriting and are more understanding with certain credit history situations.

Which finance company do you use?

We use a wide range of finance companies, which enable us to offer you the most competitive prices in the US,coupled with our discounts and support. The range of finance companies we use also offers us a full range of solutions and terms to meet your requirements.

What information do you need to set up a Vehicle Leasing deal for me?

We require very simple information based on your company status.
These are:

  • Basic company info (name, address,etc)
  • 2 years of financials

Can I get my vehicle from any dealer?

We are able to work with ANY dealer in ANY state,a s long as they are a franchise dealer and the unit must be brand new.

What type of insurance is required?

You will need FULL coverage commercial insurance in the business name with a $1 million coverage.

Who pays for new tires and upkeep if I am leasing the vehicle?

You are solely responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s guidelines while the vehicle is in your possession. However, please remember that for peace of mind, the majority of manufacturers now offer a standard 3 years warranty to cover all malfunctions on manufacturer’s components.

What happens if the vehicle is in an accident during the Vehicle Leasing agreement?

You will need to call your insurance company in the first instance, as they will require details of the accident. We can of course provide any help in communicating this to the finance company on your behalf and are happy to help wherever possible.

What happens if dents and scratches appear on the vehicle at the end of the agreement?

You are responsible for the vehicle on the Van Lease, so any dents or scratches can have a negative effect on the value of the vehicle when either selling on or exchanging at the end of the term. There are however no penalties issued by the finance company as you are in control at the end.

Can I customize the van, i.e tint windows or lower it?

Yes, although we would recommend contacting us in the first instance so we can confirm this with the finance company. However, we would strongly recommend not pursuing anything that might have a negative effect on the value of the van at the end of the term.

Is my insurance going to go up because I lease my new vehicle?

There is no reason why your insurance will increase. Vehicle Leasing is becoming more popular; therefore, the majority of insurance companies can provide very competitive quotes to insure your new van. We can recommend insurance companies who we know are competitive in the market place.

Is insurance included in the Vehicle Leasing agreement?

No, you are responsible for insuring the vehicle on a Fully Comprehensive policy for the duration of the contract.

Can I insure the vehicle under my company insurance?

Yes, absolutely. The insurance must be in the name of the business

Is Fully Comprehensive insurance compulsory when leasing a vehicle?

Yes, your van must have Fully Comprehensive Insurance for the full duration of the contract.

Can I insure my whole family to drive the vehicle?

Yes, if your policy allows it, then there is no reason why you are not able to add additional drivers to your insurance.

Can I include insurance in the Vehicle Leasing package?

No, you are responsible for insuring the van during the contract.

If I am in a crash or have an accident, do you provide a courtesy vehicle?

This is normally something that is covered by your insurance company. You may be charged a premium for adding this. However, please check when arranging the policy if this is something they can cover you for.